August 31st 2015, Korea


On August 31st 2015, a group of Danish, Korean and international experts will join forces in an attempt to discuss main photonic technologies leading to sustainable green optical networks. This event is collocated after the CLEO Pacific Conference 2015, and will be hosted by the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST).

Danish – Korean relations stretch back to the early XXs century; two countries highly synergic, with knowledge-based economies, high level of innovation and a large pool of human capital.

Examples of this synergy are among others the partnership agreement between DTU and KAIST,  the Innovation Center in Seoul, the Korean organization Global Green Growth Institute in Risø or the Korean-Danish/Danish-Korean Green Technology Research Centre.

This workshop on photonic technologies leading to sustainable green optical networks represents another building brick in this special relation; photonic technologies are a source of innovation that neither Korea nor Denmark are neglecting, as they have taken a position of leadership in the field worldwide. However, technology needs to address societal challenges. Energy management is an emerging challenge in the field of communications, which if not well addressed may hinder the impact of communications in society as a whole.